kyuhyun getting into the halloween spirit

"Just because I do things for you doesn’t mean you should feel like you have to do anything in return."
Harem Days (via kotkotkulangot)
"You don’t know your true self. You don’t even try to look. Why do you try to see yourself through other people’s eyes? You just don’t have the courage to honestly look at yourself."
Denkou Sekka Boys (via kotkotkulangot)
"Even if you make a barricade with lies. One day, you’ll fall to pieces from the pressure from within."
Denkou Sekka Boys (via kotkotkulangot)
"Simply liking someone isn’t enough! I’d rather love and get hurt, than live through life unscathed. At least I’ve fought for that person’s love, and I don’t have any regrets!"
Koi Shika Dekinaiyo (via kotkotkulangot) dreamsofprovidence

Cosplay Mania 2014 Evolution Pt. 3

A cosplay solo showdown with TATSUMI INUI, OROCHI X and JESUKE as the judges! There were a loooot of contestants (50 in all). Some were from games, anime, and movies. A crossplay from Elsa to a male Elsa had the fans laughing and cheering due to his “ka-corni-han” at the same time “ka-astig-an” with his ball of light. Cosplayers of all ages participated. Even this kid in a Chibi Sailor Moon cosplay, had a hair ornament fall of her head. She cried to her “ate” but when her “ate” can’t put it back together, she cried on stage, never left the spot. FOR THE WHOLE TIME. She was soooo adorbs. 

Being so close to the judges table, we could see how Tatsumi Inui took photos of every contestant and would smile now and then. Jesuke was the same, she was enjoying the show. But Orochi X. I think Orochi X’s standards in cosplaying was too high. She seldom smiled and had on this serious face the whole time. Luckily, this guy cosplaying as the Monkey King, on his time on stage took a mic and addressed Orochi X which made her smile! 

There were also awesome mecha cosplays with moving mechanisms which were too awesome to describe! War Machine had a lot of contraptions that WOW-ed the audience big time. As well as the super large dinosaur thingy at the end!

Cosplay Mania 2014 Evolution Pt. 2

A little skit on Akazukin Chacha (with a male Chacha—pfft! Haha) *But they were goood!*. A showcase of some more cosplayers. *That SNK duo had the loudest audience impact* A short interview with famous international cosplayers JESUKE and VIC. (They can speak English just fine.) *Maan, they were H.O.T.* And of course a short interview with KANAME! (He has an interpreter on stage in a Sailor Jupiter cosplay. *And she looks old—she’s so lucky*) Kaname greeted us with a series of greetings in Filipino as well! *He’s so hnnngggg~*

Cosplay Mania 2014 Evolution Pt. 1

Thanks to throughtheparadox and, we get to attend the COSPLAY MANIA 2014 EVOLUTION for FREE! (my sister also came along but she paid for herself ‘cos she was no media like us—haha)

Looots of cosplayers attended. Looots of good stuff to buy. We get to see some friends from our university and a professor/MCee (the one in the cleopatra-ish costume). And AYA IKEDA! We get to see and hear Aya Ikeda! (If I had the guts, I’d jump over the barrier and take a selfie with her!)

"I don’t ever want to regret being born, or being here at this moment either."
"It’s only natural to be jealous and to have someone become jealous over you."
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